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Enjoying Easter Wisely

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The long Easter holiday weekend is just around the corner. The Easter break is always a welcome holiday at the beginning of the year, however with many people still cash strapped from the festive season debt, paying school fees as well as rising interest rates starting to take a hold, this mini break needs careful financial planning. Here are a few tips;

    • Budget

Retailers count on shoppers to pony up for impulse purchases and they spend countless time, money. Without a spending game plan, it's more than likely that you'll find plenty of extra this and that's ending up in your shopping trolley by the time you reach the checkout lane. Make a budget and more importantly, stick to the budget once you've made it.

    • Holiday Sales

Additionally, many stores will also have Easter holiday sales. A lot of clothing, grocery and even electronic stores know that Easter is one of those holidays where people rush out to buy new stuff. The closer it gets to the holiday, the better the sales so look out for these!

    • Accessing money

This especially applies to the travelers. Think about how you are going to access money while on holiday. If you carry lots of cash around, you could risk losing it. You could get a travel prepaid card or make use of Mobile banking services currently provided by local banks.

    • Traveling

Hopefully you have already booked and paid for your travels, but if you are looking at a last minute holiday it is time to take full advantage of any rewards you may have. This is the time to cash in and pay for petrol, flights, car rental or accommodation with rewards or coupons.

    • Plan before you party

In order to stop overspending over this mini holiday, put a plan in place. Overspending unnecessarily often is the result of spontaneous spending,

    • Staying at home

Staying at home doesn’t automatically make your holiday boring. Family and friends visiting or staying over, outings, entertainment and gifts all add up to a perfect Easter break!

Have yourself a swell Easter weekend and spend wisely!




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