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Mobile Lending Platform Features

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More about MFS’ mobile lending product

MFS has built a robust mobile lending product that covers the full spectrum of providing loans, from application, all the way to disbursement and recovery. The system is already in use on one of the major banks in Kenya and is due to be launched in other East African countries by August 2016

System features

Customer Registration and management

The system has a proficient customer management tool that allows on boarding of customers from various KYC data points such as:-

  • Core banking data
  • Mobile banking data
  • IPRS
  • Institutions that have Verified KYC data

Credit Rating

It has an inbuilt efficient and easy to use credit scoring algorithms that assimilates set business rules, credit cut off and lead management through system configuration that define lending risk demarcations.

Loan Processing

The platform caters for the following loan management processes:

  • Loan Application
  • Loan Approvals/Decline
  • Loan Disbursement
  • Loan Repayments (in installments or otherwise)
  • Continuous querying of due loans
  • Levying of Penalties
  • Loan Portfolio Analysis and Reporting
  • Preparation of Credit Memos and Statements
  • CRB referencing.

Messaging & API

The platform consumes and offers the following options for API calls to other systems and also for being accessed by other systems

It integrates seamlessly with the following systems:-

  • SMS Gateways
  • Core banking systems
  • CRB
  • IPRS
  • Mobile Money

Dashboard, Analytics and Financial Settlements

The system offers a rich intuitive interface allowing for extraction of business intelligence and management reports:

  • Credit Scoring dashboard
  • Customer Care Management interface
  • Loan processing and tracking reports
  • Loan Management reports
  • Financial settlements and reports
  • Message services & message templates which are easy to configure, turn on or off.





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