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"We custom-fit the right solution for you"
We build superior technology and are proud of it! Mobiloan, which is our flagship mobile savings and lending platform, has helped to dispense billions of Kenya Shillings in loans to millions of Kenyans in all sectors of the micro-economy. Our Software Engineering, Research and Innovation and Business Development teams work together to deliver custom-made solutions to you.

Financial services

"We first want to understand your needs"
We offer financial services tailored to provide capital to those who have been overlooked by the formal banking sector. Using our dynamic credit-scoring engine called Mobiscore, MFS is able to decipher patterns within an individual's behavior through data provided by our strategic partners. As a result, ordinary individuals are now able to qualify for credit to empower themselves.

Big Data & Networks

"Financial Inclusion for all is a right, not a privilege"
MFS is passionate about "Transforming Lives Through Financial Inclusion". Using Big Data, we work with our strategic partners to connect the dots towards achieving our purpose. Our methodical approach to unlocking every day working capital challenges has enabled millions of individuals at the bottom of the "pyramid" to propel their entrepreneurial dreams to the next level.


"Providing payments solutions across Africa"
MFS is an ambitious company with ambitious goals. Our unshakeable mantra is the message of financial inclusion across the African continent, striking partnerships with payment providers to deliver solutions to our clients. It is our goal to connect Mobiloan to the rest of Africa through a multi-faceted payments value-proposition. Watch this space!


“From soil to retail, we can finance it!”
MFS prides itself in being at the forefront of Agri-eCommerce in Africa. We understand the fundamentals of the Agri and retail supply chain, from soil to kiosk. The small-holder farmer in Rift Valley and the Mama Mboga in Eastlands also yearn to prosper and grow; MFS is slowly helping them both to achieve their dreams.




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